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Oriental Beauty. So Pretty, a Wonderful and Beautiful Travel just Starts

2017-08-26 Oriental Beauty. So Pretty, a Wonderful and Beautiful Travel just Starts

          The oriental beauty is so pretty at the age of 18. On 26th August 2017, the 18th anniversary event of Meifubao “Oriental Beauty. So Pretty” was held at Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium. Deng Lun (the new image speaker of Meifubao) , Yu Dan (a cultural scholar), Ye Maozhong (an advertising talent), Wang Han, Sun Xiaoxiao, Yu Kewei, Dai Quan, ZERO-G boys and some other stars and VIPs came to the spot and express their congratulations, and jointly start a wonderful and beautiful travel.

          The event was formally opened from a red carpet show. The grand holographic projection technology integrated the high-tech with the oriental beauty, the entire spot was so wonderful and beautiful.




VIP talked about inheritance, discussed the oriental beauty

         Oriental beauty inherits the brand culture. With leadership by Hu Xingguo, Chairman of the Group and founder of Meifubao, Meifubao has maintained the leading place in the industry for 18 years, and has obtained many successes and breakthroughs. Mr. Hu expressed in his speech that, Meifubao has been 18 years old and has undertaken the responsibility of national daily chemical brand rise, this is the industry’s confirmation for Meifubao to inherit oriental skincare principle. Therefore, Meifubao shall make further efforts to strive, reflect the strength and momentum of the national brand with the young aggressiveness, vigorous ambition and great bravery.




         Meifubao has specialized in oriental skincare principle for 18 years. Each product is crystal of Chinese traditional wisdom. The grand, elegant, tender and flexible brand characteristics have bewww.go4cracks.come popular, and the charming oriental beauty is presented. Yu Dan, a famous cultural scholar, triggered resonance from oriental skincare wisdom, started a discussion about oriental aesthetics with the guests. While giving cultural implication to Meifubao, she also gave full confirmation and praise for Meifubao to inherit oriental beauty.




         At the age of 18, the lofty ambition shall be set to present the youth. Hu Xingguo (chairman of the Group) and Wu Zhiqing (president of the Group) and other officers of the Group took brush pens, with presentation by the high-tech holographic projection technology, a grand calligraphy works is spread. The powerful handwriting represented the strength of Meifubao for 18 years. The www.go4cracks.coming-of-age ceremony held at the age of 18 symbolizes the youth, marks the maturity, more means responsibility and mission. In future, Meifubao will make greater progress for “new domestic product. Sincere inheritance”.




         In November 2016, the advertisement film of Meifubao flower nutrient facial lotion brought about great influence. In the film, the primitive but powerful declaration fully expresses the modern women’s yearn for face without makeup. This film was the works by Ye Maozhong (a famous advertisement talent in China) in person. On the event, Ye Maozhong made wonderful sharing about the core theme of “brand orientation” and give important enlightenment to Meifubao: For the future and long development route, Meifubao must have the clear brand orientation, innovate the marketing strategy and specialize in product quality, only in this way, Meifubao can forge the new brand height and continuously lead the industry development.




         Afterward, Chen Wenjun, the general manager of Meifubao marketing business center, publicized the brand new strategic plan. The details of diversified strategic layout provides the powerful guarantee for promoting the young brand, enhancing the brand www.go4cracks.competitiveness and assisting the long-term development of the brand.




With original intent, realize the craftsmanship

         Persisting in craftsmanship for 18 years, Meifubao always takes inheriting the ancient and oriental skincare principle as its own mission, absorbs essence of Chinese beauty and health preservation culture, integrates the modern beauty technology, brings the continuous balance.regualtion.nursing for many women.

         At the time of 18th anniversary ceremony, Meifubao released three new products, namely pretty and classical gift box, royal garden facial mask series and luxurious and nursing elastic essential oil. With the light and elegant steps of the models, the strong and classical Chinese style was presented, a pretty travel was just started.




         Besides containing the ancient health preservation culture, oriental also is contained in the ancient craftsmanship. When these two factors integrate, the precious artistic works pretty in oriental is created. Meifubao cooperates with Ye Fengyi (the 5th inheritor of Chinese non-material cultural heritage “silk painting”) to specially offer the pretty and classical gift box. The gift box appearance design inspiration www.go4cracks.comes from the “round sky and square ground” to present the unique balance.regualtion.nursing concept of Meifubao. The craftsmanship of silk painting coincides with oriental skincare principle followed by Meifubao. By inheriting the craftsmanship, the quintessence of a country is fully presented.


         In the gift box, Meifubao flower moisture, elastic and whitening series are finely selected, the essence of four whitening flowers (peony, snow lotus herb, tropaeolum and hop) are integrated to form “flower whitening formula”. Day by day, more tender and pure whitening nutrition will be brought for the skin.






         With attention from the people, a handsome gentleman appeared and the audience was moved. He is Deng Lun, the new brand imager speaker of Meifubao. In fact, the appearance design of the pretty and classical gift box of the 18th anniversary of Meifubao also presents wisdom and efforts of Deng Lun. After wonderful appearance, he shared the story for designing the gift box, expressed that he expect to transmit the craftsmanship spirit of Meifubao for product quality to more young people with his influence.




Sunshine program, warm travel with children

         Meifubao firmly believes that, an excellent brand shall not only have brand height and depth, but also shall have brand temperature. In 2015, Meifubao invested RMB10 million to establish “Meifubao sunshine program” public benefit fund project, addressed itself to caring for healthy growth of the left-behind children. In past more than two years, Meifubao sunshine program have visited more than 1900 schools, have recruited more than 8000 sunshine volunteers, assistance has been given to more than 340000 left-behind kids in total.




         Family love is the greatest yearning for the left-behind children. On the event, the special chain of the event “a letter” was presented in moving way. A left-behind kid came to the event stage, read the letter to the father in far place. The audience was moved, the letter was so touching.




         Perhaps, we cannot change the current conditions of the rural left-behind children in China. However, we can bewww.go4cracks.come volunteers of Meifubao sunshine program, bring our care and acwww.go4cracks.companying for the children and warm the lone minds of the children. Thus, Meifubao continuously present their love, formally launched the second season of “Meifubao sunshine program” public benefit activities, spread love, assist growth. If you have love, let us act jointly.


Many stars, passion for youth


         At the second half of the event, a passionate party for the youth just was started. There were many starts on the spot. Yu Kewei (a soul singer), Dai Quan (a music talent) and other famous singers performed many classical songs with their moving and wonderful voice. The guests listened to the wonderful voice; ZERO-G boys highlights with their songs and dances, the free, aggressive, passionate and positive energy was presented. The star interactions and lottery chains were alternated, the atmosphere was pushed to the tide.


Dai Quan



Yu Kewei





         Oriental beauty is gathered and is so pretty at the age of 18. After the www.go4cracks.coming-of-age-ceremony at the age of 18, Meifubao will start its new stage of brand development. With the young posture, Meifubao gathers the positive energy for growth, welwww.go4cracks.comes the new challenges and opportunities, demonstrates strength and charm of the national brand, presents the wonderful oriental beauty to the world.