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Winning Tmall Golden Makeup Award Again, Seeyoung Bewww.go4cracks.comes the Champion in the Washing and Nursing Industry

2018-03-04          On evening of 4th March 2018, the awarding ceremony of Tmall golden makeup award was held at Shanghai Center Building. There were many brands and stars. At the grand ceremony held once a year and where many stars gather, the winner of golden makeup award is naturally attractive.


         Seeyoung brand, the silicone-oil-free leading brand, with its reliable product quality and multi-dimensional marketing vision, won the hair washing product award for 2018 of Tmall golden makeup award again. Up to that time, two “Oscar cups for the makeup industry” have been obtained.



       Mr. Meng Fei, General manager of Seeyoung brand marketing division center (the third from the right)

Zhang Li, a good friend of Seeyoung brand and the guest accepting the award (the second from the right)




Together with beauty, the brand tone of “fashion+health” expressed with strength

         Tmall golden makeup award is called the “Oscar in makeup industry”, it is not exaggerated. It is based on the big data from interaction among more than one hundred million consumers and more than one 1000 brands on Tmall, and has very strong public trust. Every year, this award will publicize the industry-attractive lists, such as “popular brands”, “popular product”, “hot topic product” and so on. The award has gold content and authoritativeness, it cannot only promote product sale, but also can bring the popular topic.




          Seeyoung won this award again, and its brand influence will be presented more powerfully. The trend of high-end washing and nursing product market has been dominated by the healthy concept of “silicone-oil-free head skin care”, and “silicone-oil-free” also has bewww.go4cracks.come the main development trend.

         On the spot of the awarding ceremony, Seeyoung specially invited Zhang Li, a popular female star, to give CALL for the brand. Zhang Li has many styles and is called “fashion icon”, has won the reputable name of “queen for sale”. She is fresh, and has his own unique understanding and taste for the fashion. This just matches the healthy, fashionable and high-end brand tones of Seeyoung. With her calling force, she speaks for Seeyoung, this is matched.




         Before the awarding ceremony, Mr. Meng Fei, General manager of Seeyoung brand marketing division center invited Zhang Li, a popular star, to make “brand good friend interview”. During the interview, Zhang Li shared her hair nursing experience: “in fact, I am a faithful client of Seeyoung. Because I frequently need to make hair form, the hair quality is harmed, thus I have special requirements for hair washing and nursing products. Seeyoung is natural and does not have stimulation, can really nurse the hair. I believe that, only if the head skin is good, and then hair will be good. Thus, I very trust Seeyoung.” With such a faithful star fan, Seeyoung is so proud!




Mr. Cheng Yingqi, vice marketing president of Uniasia Group (the first from the right)

Zhang Li, a good friend of Seeyoung brand (the second from the right)

Mr. Meng Fei, General manager of Seeyoung brand marketing division center (the first from the left)

Zhang Li, a good friend of Seeyoung brand (the middle)


Strategic alliance, excite the brand volume with the diversified marketing

         Seeyoung has maintained fine strategic cooperation relationship with Tmall platform. With the innovative, amusing and interactive and attending marketing activities, the client unit price is improved, the popular and client-attractive product is forged, and the non-active fan is activated. Several people attractions are triggered, the consumers can feel the brand culture application and temperature:

         In China beauty expo 2017, Seeyoung opened Tmall WEEKEND black box, attracted the visitors to             watch, Seeyoung became the fashion leader for fast experience shop;

         For super varieties, Seeyoung forges double www.go4cracks.communication of “brand tone+popular product” and promotes the silion-oil-free washing and nursing new fashion;

         For Tmall brand group activity, Seeyoung invited Zhang Yuxi, a star, to make assistance. www.go4cracks.combining with the current hot topics, live broadcasting was conducted with the theme of “use Seeyoung, for love”, the daily sales volume increased by 286%;

       In the HOT activity just ended, Seeyoung cooperated with daily Yoga APP to jointly forge “vital spring, toughness challenge” activity, to emphasize the product efficacy and characteristics, to meet the healthy consumption trend;

       Before 11th November carnival of 2017, Seeyoung carried out three-dimensional www.go4cracks.communication campaign. www.go4cracks.combining with the media contacting habits of the consumers, the pre-playing advertisement was launched at the national famous cinema lines, grasped the golden memory golden points of the audience, climbed to the landmark building in Guangzhou to realize the maximum social and www.go4cracks.commercial value.




         With these activities, Seeyoung persists in the customers’ perspectives, develops from the emerging brand, fast expands to be “a leading brand”. In 11th November carnival of 2016, with the great momentum, Seeyoung won the No.1 sales volume of washing brand of domestic products. In 2017, with the sales volume of RMB105.39 million, Seeyoung became the champion again.

         Wining the golden makeup award not only proved the brand influence of Seeyoung, but also in fact is an invitation from Alibaba new retail strategy to Seeyoung brand. On 28th February, the core stores of more than 100 RT-marts in China set the “special zone for products wining Tmall golden makeup award” to www.go4cracks.comprehensively display the popular products winning the award. This mainly presents that Tmall new strategy www.go4cracks.combines the online reputation with the offline www.go4cracks.commercial force, this is also a starting point. Seeyoung will embrace consumption upgrade fashion, and maintain its market leader position.




Gu Mai, general manager of Tmall large and fast consumption division (the second from right)

Zhang Li, a good friend of Seeyoung brand (the first from right)