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Decide to Promote Revolution of Hydrating, Non-water Franic New Product www.go4cracks.come to the Market

2018-04-08          In recent days, Franic “New Sale, New Mask FAN” new product launching event was grandly held in Guangzhou. On the event, the attractive annual important new product-rose bud lotion facial mask series formally were unveiled. The new marketed series use Franic unique non-water 3.0 technology, and carries out the new hydrating revolution in this industry.



Hydrating new mask FAN, non-water 3.0


         “Non-water” is the core technology of Franic rose bud lotion series, has been applied from 2015 up to today for nearly 3 years. This formula and technology is a key research and development project of Uniasia research institute. Many labor and material have been invested for optimization and upgrade to meet the consumers’ high requirements for skincare products in the consumption upgrade era. The rose bud lotion facial mask series newly market apply the non-water 3.0 technology just developed.




         Franic rose bud lotion mask conducts new and great upgrade from such aspects as design, experience, efficacy and so on. With the newly upgraded water-free formula, the rose bud lotion replaces the deionized water. The Franic frontier hydrating technology-HyaRosa is www.go4cracks.complexly applied. The natural purple rose flowers are finely selected. With distillation by ancient method, the sodium hyaluronate accurately proportioned will be www.go4cracks.combined. Each facial mask will contain the outstanding energy of rose for skincare.


         Franic non-water formula has experienced 3 stages up to today. In August 2015, Franic free-water formula formally appeared, the first facial mask without adding deionized water was www.go4cracks.comprehensively pushed to the market. In March 2017, Franic free-anticorrosive-agent key technology was firstly used for the facial mask product. With more gentle, safer and effective characteristic, the non-water and free-anticorrosive-agent facial masks shocked the market and was popular among the consumers. In April 2018, Franic official presented non-water 3.0 product. Non-water formula was upgrade again. Multiplied by HyaRosa frontier hydrating technology, the extreme experiences of natural skincare are triggered.




Differentiated matching, for more FAN


         Besides continuous breakthrough of non-water technology, Franic also overturns the previous facial mask R & D mode. For different skincare demands, the high-efficiency skincare nutrients in the purple rose flowers are accurately researched, it emphasizes on optimizing the www.go4cracks.complex formula percentage of the high-efficiency nutrients. The best matching degree between the mask cloth and essence is scientifically tested to realize accurate matching and create the golden www.go4cracks.combination of rose facial mask for skincare.



         For this time, Franic jointly presented 6 facial mask products, namely rose bud lotion cyaniding tender facial mask, rose bud lotion polyphenol brilliant facial mask, rose bud lotion polysaccharide moisture facial mask, rose bud lotion amino acid hydrating facial mask, rose bud lotion natural alcohol oil control facial mask and rose bud lotion collagen elastic facial mask. Based on the formula characteristics, Franic uses different mask cloth materials to realize the better skincare effect.


         The director of Franic product section introduced at the meeting that: “Many people hold that the mask cloth is only related to the experience feeling. In fact, if different mask cloths are matched with the same formula, different skincare effects will be presented. Thus, for these six facial masks, based on the formula characteristics, 4 kinds of cloth materials are matched to present the maximum efficacy of the facial masks.”




         Matching between the mask cloth and formula is a great characteristic of rose bud series facial masks. Franic has conducted more than 100 tests for the product material and mask cloth, the best matching mode between the formula and the mask cloth is selected. For example, the plant fiber reacts with the flower lotion to present the superior skin soft feeling; the thin silk can make the amino acid formula to bewww.go4cracks.come the fresh formula that is more applicable to the oily skin; the ultrafine fiber and collagen can result in the tight wrapping effect; Binchotan and natural alcohol integrate and can also control the oil amount of welk. From the entirely-new perspective, Franic will excite the skin potential, each application of the facial mask will bewww.go4cracks.come a wonderful skincare.




New retail, new break through


         For product upgrade, marketing shall also be upgraded. As the annual core product of Franic, Franic has prepared a series of powerful marketing strategies to be implemented.


         Wu Lianlian, the general manager of Franic marketing division center, expressed at the meeting that: “In past, we divided channels to be CS, supermarket, Watsons and E-www.go4cracks.commerce. Presently, the new sales era www.go4cracks.comes. We need to redefine the channels to promote brand development with more effective method. For present Franic, we divide the channels to be retail channel and distribution channel. With the retail thinking, we carry out marketing work, and establish the market place of rose bud lotion facial mask.”



         After the new product appears in the market, Franic will not only speed up the product market cognition through three-dimensional www.go4cracks.communication matrix, but also will implement such measures as rose bud facial mask festival and so on to speed up and expand the market share, build the new blue print of Franic in the facial mask market.


         At the meeting, Liu Ze, director of Franic market division illustrated the market new stragety after the new product appears in the market from the perspective of “customer-mall”: “Franic will firmly forge the rose bud lotion star products. We will rebuild the consumption scene and the user’s cognition, and will attach greater importance to product innovation. With the entirely-new marketing mode, we will upgrade the brand marketing ability.”




         At the new sale era, Franic presents six new products of non-water 3.0, by virtue of the three-dimensional www.go4cracks.communication campaign, the terminal new strategy will be started, the new revolution of hydrating will be launched.