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Start from Public Benefit, Go with Beauty, Meifubao Sunshine Program Presented at the 7th China Public Benefit Festival

2018-01-31           Editorial note: China Public Benefit Festival is the first festival launched by the mass media and name by “public benefit” in China has www.go4cracks.come to the 7th festival. As the annual public benefit event in China, the festival has gradually bewww.go4cracks.come the witness for the people’s public benefit behaviors and www.go4cracks.communicator for the public benefit spirit.



          From 29th to 30th January, the 7th China Public Benefit Festival was grandly opened in Beijing. Taking actively transmitting the progressive and good force and making more people to focus on and attend public benefit as its tenet, it also www.go4cracks.commends the enterprises, social bodies, individuals and so on that have actively undertaken the social responsibility and launched the public project among the people in the past year. As the representative of the classic brands of the domestic products, Meifubao has established the sunshine public program in 2015. With continuous focusing on and support for the left-behind children in China in past years, the program has been accepted by more and more media and social public.




          On the awarding ceremony of the Festival, Meifubao won two awards, namely “2017 responsibility brand award” and “2017 public benefit image award”. Zhu Xiaohong, the market manager of Meifubao marketing business center, acted as the brand representative, was invited to attend the Festival and give the theme speech about the sunshine program.




Start from responsibility, go with beauty

          If a brand addresses itself to lofty ideal, this must be a process for greatly enhancing the ability to serve the society and performing the social responsibility. With practice of sunshine public benefit, the good concept was www.go4cracks.communicated, and the society is improved.


          Sunshine program was established in 2015, up to today, more than 1900 schools have been visited, more than 8000 sunshine volunteers have been recruited, love has been given to more than 340000 left-behind kids. Zhu Xiaohong expressed, Meifubao is a national brand, continuously focuses on public benefit business because of the “sunshine” positive energy of Meifubao.




          It is well known that Meifubao inherits the oriental skincare philosophy, and its popularity rises with its star product sunscreen cream in China. Sunscreen cream is significant for Meifubao. From the product culture of the sunscreen series, Meifubao has absorbed more sunshine, health and force of love.


           “Meifubao encourages the people to love and seek beauty. The beauty admired by us is not from the appearance, but also shall www.go4cracks.come from the happiness of simple life, purity of ordinary smile and inheritance of oriental love.” Wu Zhiqing, president of the Group and founder of Meifubao brand, expressed the original intent for establishing Meifubao sunshine program.


Start from public benefit, turn on the light of hope

          Up to today, with efforts of many sunshine volunteers, the public benefit business of Meifubao sunshine program has been generally accepted by the media and the public. Inviting to attend the Festival is not only an encourage for Meifubao, but also marks that the public benefit business of Meifubao has gradually developed along the standard, professional and social route.




          Passion for public benefit and repaying society is the extended core brand value of Meifubao. The movie titled Activity with Love that has just won 2017 public benefit image award is one of representative stage results of Meifubao sunshine program. The movie demonstrates Meifubao sunshine program public benefit activities to be warmer, make the issue of left-behind children to be presented. More left-behind children just like the hero of the movie can obtain more love and support.




Start from you and me, spread sunshine and love

          Many Meifubao people have known their social responsibilities during acting as the volunteers. This mind also gathers and bewww.go4cracks.comes the positive energy for brand development. With doing public benefit activities, they have deeper understanding about their own self-value and social value. Zhao Yao is one of the earliest sunshine volunteers of Meifubao sunshine program, he has settled down the snow-covering, mysterious and sincere plateau for long time.




          In June 2015, he followed the sunshine program team and first went to Tibet. Under the pure and blue sky and cloud, he said that he started to know the life again and understand the life significance. In these years, besides Tibet, he also followed the sunshine program team and went to many farer places, known more young, good and pure kids. Among the sunshine volunteer team, there are also sunshine volunteers just like Zhang Yao. They take Meifubao sunshine program as a light in their life, the light guides them to find, feel and transmit love.




          Abiding by the mission of “loving the left-behind children, focusing on healthy growth”, Meifubao sunshine program never stops its steps. In these years, the sunshine program team has visited more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. From Yunnan to Heilongjiang, from Xinjiang to Guangxi, from Tibetan Plateau to Northeastern Plain, from Changjiang Valley to Huanghe Valley, they have acwww.go4cracks.companied and give love to more than 340000 left-behind kids.


          With spreading of the public benefit seeds, we believe that there will be more public organizations like Meifubao sunshine program, these organization will addressed themselves to changing life with activities and transmitting love with goodness, guard each left-behind kid in China.