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"Don"t Lose Voice, Don"t Lose Hair” SEEYUONG Won Youku"s Strong IP Network www.go4cracks.comprehensive "This! Is the original"

2019-03-01       On the evening of February 28, 2019, the first original musician www.go4cracks.competition growth show “This! Is the original” conference was officially held, Youku platform live synchronization, has attracted much attention. It is reported that the original musicians of Youku S+++ have developed variety, with super-flow all-round idol Wang Jiaer, pop rock king Xiao Jingteng and independent folk singer Chen Li joining in, and will start broadcasting on March 2.


      In recent years, with the continuous refreshing of people's cognition of original music, Chen Li, Mao Buyi and Zhao Lei and other widely represented original musicians began to gradually move from "minority" to "public". For original musicians who really have musical talent but have nowhere to show, it is a big stage that can really focus on original music and listen to the inner voice of original musicians. “This! Is the original” is the right time for "Originality". It not only captures the original musicians who "Harbor beasts”, but also gives voice to the contemporary original culture and brings more fresh blood with original spirit to the Chinese music industry. However, SEEYUONG, who appeared as a special sponsor of the program, firmly grasped the opportunity of this brand super exposure.





 SEEYUONG specially sponsored “This! Is the original"



 “This! Is the original “scene of the press conference.


I. Aiming at "This is" series of current IP, intensive innovation of content

      “This! Is the original “, As another ace IP of Youku, Originality is the successor to “This! Is singing, duet singing season”, “This! Is street dance” and “This! Is armour”, “This! Is Slam Dunk”, "This is" series of super IP netbooks, is also Youku's first original musician www.go4cracks.competitive growth show in 2019. This variety show continues the "This is" series's focus on trend culture. Before it is officially launched, it is listed as one of 2019' s most anticipated online shows in the name of a strong variety show brand.


      After three years, this super-big-class website, carefully built by the original team of "Sing My Song", once again endows China's original music with a high-quality voice platform and presents it to the public with a brand-new look that is upgraded and updated. it can be called a great event for original musicians. SEEYUONG non-silicone shampoo, from selecting variety shows to playing variety shows to reaching consumers, uses Youku's "This is" series, a strong variety IP, to creatively put forward the scalp care concept of "no drop of voice, no drop of hair" on the basis of www.go4cracks.combining original ideas, so as to develop deeper consumer insights. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time SEEYUONG has cooperated with Youku's "this is" series of strong variety IP. In 2018, SEEYUONG Chief Co-sponsored Youku "This Is" series of large-scale plot CP music variety "This! This is the season of singing duets, which has bewww.go4cracks.come a popular topic variety with the trend of breaking bamboo. SEEYUONG, on the other hand, took advantage of this highly popular variety show with high exposure, which not only achieved the maximum of brand www.go4cracks.communication, but also set off a new climax of silicone-free scalp care, which was once popular throughout the country. This time, SEEYUONG and variety IP "This! The www.go4cracks.combination of "Originality" will undoubtedly bewww.go4cracks.come an innovative work of variety marketing.





II. Rooted in interactive genes, SEEYUONG Starts Fan Economic War

      In recent years, there has been an explosion of various online aggregations and www.go4cracks.competitions have been staged for variety brands. How to attract the attention of a new generation of young consumers, especially "Generation Z" ("Generation Z" refers to those born in 1995-2005 after 1995), is a www.go4cracks.common problem for variety and brands.


      As special sponsor of “This! Is the original “, SEEYUONG pursues the promotion of younger brands and always focuses on the interaction with the consumers of the new generation to improve the recognition and goodwill among the audience.The ace variety show is not only a platform for high-quality original musicians to grow up in www.go4cracks.competition, but also a platform for SEEYUONG young brand innovation and implantation to interact with fans and win the realization of SEEYUONG brand fans' economic flow.The seamlessly www.go4cracks.combination of SEEYUONG with the program www.go4cracks.competition system of “This! Is the original “ . Not only do fancy oral broadcasts, contestants' customized creative short films and product implants penetrate consumers' minds, but also products and contestants' diversified interactions and IP authorization interactions play online and offline, continuously raising the heat of the topic and getting accurate interaction among fans while exploring "Generation Z".


      Through “This! Is the original” Even the interesting and fun fancy implantation and in-depth marketing in Original Creation will earn enough attention. SEEYUONG will certainly bewww.go4cracks.come a “Overoccupying the screen” brand that resonates with users' emotions.




III. battle China's Traditional Body & Hair, Outbreak Brand's Strongest Power

      In 2014, SEEYUONG www.go4cracks.complied with the global development trend and introduced the concept of health care into China. With the innovative category of "silicone-free scalp care", battle China's traditional skin care not only launched a new wave of silicone-free scalp care, but also continued to lead the new fashion in China's skin care industry. And 2019 is a year of deep innovation and resource integration in SEEYUONG. Faced with the demand of the main groups of new ecological consumption for "personality promotion" and "health pursuit" Body & Hair products, SEEYUONG has always maintained innovation and launched a strong attack. It is closely attached to the YOUNG target consumer groups of "Generation Z". With younger products such as SEEYUONG Flower Young Series, SEEYUONG Sulphate-free Sweet Heart Series and SEEYUONG Sulphate-free Plant Glamour Series, SEEYUONG has www.go4cracks.communicated with younger brands in terms of product strength and won more consumers' love.


      In fact, on February 28, “Call for Originality” “This! Is the original” The success of the “Originality” conference brought about the exposure of SEEYUONG brand and the inclination of network platform traffic, which for the first time showed SEEYUONG's unique insight into over-traffic marketing and SEEYUONG's brand power's appeal to consumers. In SEEYUONG's view, it specially sponsored Youku's “This! Is the original”, not only is SEEYUONG sponsoring in 2018 “This! Is singing, duet singing season” It is another brand rejuvenation spread after the singing and duet season, and it is also the product of SEEYUONG's www.go4cracks.compliance with the consumption trend and the continuous development and change of the market. Only by conforming to the development of the times and maintaining innovation can brand power be transformed into sales power and the strongest power be generated.


      No drop voice, No drop hair! March 2, “This! Is the original “Even Original is about to debut Youku. As a special sponsor of this program, SEEYUONG will surely lead the new trend of silicone-free scalp care again!