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To create "Armani" in the field of Body & Hair, Keepy, SEEYUONG"s fragrance shampoo, has fully landed in Watsons.

2019-02-21       Introduction: after 4 years, Uniasia Group has successfully established SEEYUONG, a high-end silicone oil-free Body & Hair brand, and launched KEEP·Y, a fragrance Body & Hair brand, which has attracted much attention and will be available in the future. On February 21, KEEP·Y, the fragrance shampoo brand, officially announced that its popular idol Yan Xi was the spokesperson for its youth image.




      Recently, the Body & Hair industry is undergoing innovation. Personalization and rejuvenation have bewww.go4cracks.come the latest consumption trend. With a new round of consumption upgrading, generation z (referring to young people born between 1995 and 2010) consumers will no longer be limited to basic needs such as dandruff removal and oil control, but will turn their eyes to a deeper level of demand. Fragrance and natural ingredients, as the fastest growing demand category * (data from iResearch Online Shopping Monitoring), have bewww.go4cracks.come an important direction for innovation and research of SEEYUONG Marketing Center. SEEYUONG reinterpreted the most hotly discussed "consumption upgrade" at present, believing that after undergoing a major reshuffle in the industry, fragrance and natural cleansing products will bewww.go4cracks.come the best entry point for re-entering the cleansing market.


      Judging from the overall domestic trend, fragrance washing and protection products have great potential for growth, which has led various brands to increase their layout. In recent years, international first-line brands such as Jo Malone and Diptyque have developed fragrance-centered Body & Hair products, and fragrance has bewww.go4cracks.come a new outlet in the Body & Hair industry. It is worth mentioning that in 2014, SEEYUONG "made a big contribution" through the new air outlet of "no silicone oil" and now bewww.go4cracks.comes the leader of domestic high-end Body & Hair. SEEYUONG did it, and then it was KEEP·Y's turn.




 "Create Armani" and "Gaoding" Brand Fragrance for Body & Hair "

      KEEP·Y fragrance shampoo selects big-name fragrance art to pursue extreme experience in the fragrance field. Different from the general fragrance on the market, KEEP·Y brand matches the international big-name ARMANI's love, a flower from Kenzō Takada, Victoria's secret sexy bomb and other big-name perfumes with the same perfume and its making process. The top European perfumers make the same perfume and its making process. Starting from the different tonality of the front tone, the middle tone and the back tone, "Gaoding" creates the "Armani" fragrance for washing and protecting the session. At the same time, the product uses 24-hour * long-term fragrance retention technology to wonderfully blend fragrance with hair, to retain fragrance retention time to the maximum extent, and to let the fragrance of silk sprout into every young girl's heart.


      As a natural ingredient shampoo, KEEP·Y also uses natural ingredients as the core ingredient source of the product, and uses the Original-P high extraction activity technology to match the natural ingredients in a golden ratio and keep them fresh in the original state, so that the ingredients are safe and mild.  Specially add various vitamin essences needed by hair to supplement rich vitamins, proteins and other nutrients for hair, making hair bright and smooth.






A New Spokesman for Popular Idol Yan Xi

      Aiming at the Z-generation customer base, KEEP·Y tries to www.go4cracks.communicate with young people in the aspect of www.go4cracks.communication and marketing through more topical and emotional guidance.


      For young Chinese consumers, topic stars and popular idols are still very capable of carrying goods. Therefore, KEEP·Y chose popular idol Yan Xi as the spokesperson for its youth image. The hot and popular young idol Yan Xi has bewww.go4cracks.come very popular because he starred in the ancient costume TV series "Cloud of the Han Dynasty with Xuanyuan Sword", the urban emotional drama "About Love" and the reality show "Super Dimension Idol”. He has gained a large number of fans by virtue of his youthful appearance, natural and smooth actor performance and real and lovely personality in his life. He has occupied the top rookie list NO.1 in Tencent video doki Star Yao List many times, which can bring enough attention to the brand. The Keep Y brand said that the endorsement of Yan Xi for the Keep Y brand this time is highly in line with the brand's concepts of "YOUNG personality" and "romantic sweetness" and is in line with Keep Y's adorable fragrance wash and protection products, which are intended to deliver "amazing" young girls' hearts to the post-95 and millennials.





 Duqu Customization and Leading Market Trend

      Channels have always been the main battleground for brand success. besides celebrity endorsements, KEEP·Y also tried to use personalized marketing methods customized by Duqu to enhance young people's understanding of the brand. In order to enrich the product line and meet the different needs of consumers, actual research and accurate analysis are carried out through the channel population. Considering the need for new products and categories in various channels, brand management plans are formulated in various aspects such as products, prices, promotion and so on to form a strong win-win force. KEEP·Y will begin to enter Watsons and Shopping malls and supermarkets and other channel to develop two major product lines, namely the Watsons channel's "Hair Drink" series and Shopping malls and supermarkets channel's "Natural Plant Extract" series. Now, Watson's "Hair Drink" series of 3 shampoos have been listed in Watson's stores nationwide on February 21. Under the attention of both inside and outside the channel, it officially landed. After the introduction of SEEYUONG after 4 years, keep y is introduced again. can keep y carry the banner of a new round of young care market? We will wait and see.