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Technology Week of Uniasia: R&D and Innovation is Always There


Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group


        On March 14th, “Uniasia Technology Week” jointly organized by Uniasia Research Institute and Uniasia Business School officially kicked off. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech:


        "All along, Uniasia attaches great importance to technological innovation, not only because Uniasia knows that technological innovation is an important capital to avoid being eliminated by time, but because it knows that only by unceasing technological innovation can a brand to lead the worldwide trend will be made. Therefore, technological innovation has to form a normal atmosphere." This is the original intention of the "Uniasia Technology Week".




        It is foreseeable that through the platform of “Uniasia Technology Week”, many “non-class researchers” who are interested in scientific research can indeed reach close contact and understand the scientific research. At the same time, researchers in various fields can also use this platform to learn from each other the latest research and development ideas and share the initial results of technological innovation.


        What is worthwhile to trace the source is, as a cosmetics, why does Uniasia frequently emphasize technological innovation and do its best in technological innovation?


        Number 1: To seize the share, technological innovation will be the key


        This is an era with huge consumption potential, and is an era that requires www.go4cracks.companies to keep making progress.


        According to China Industrial Information Network's" status of China's cosmetics industry in 2018 and analysis on development trend of color cosmetics, men's skin care products" released in January this year, scale of China's cosmetics transactions in 2017 reached 358.7 billion Yuan, with an increase of 154.2 billion yuan from 2010's 204.5 billion yuan, bewww.go4cracks.coming the world's second largest cosmetics trading market after the United States; the www.go4cracks.compound annual growth rate is more than 9%, far higher than the world average of 4%.


        It can be seen from the data that cosmetics has bewww.go4cracks.come a very promising consumer goods, and the development momentum is still rapid. The reason why China’s cosmetics www.go4cracks.companies can occupy a large market share in this "big cake", after all, is due to their strength, not only in terms of market, channel, and propaganda, but more importantly, due to the strength of scientific research and innovation.


        To this end, Gong Shengzhao, dean of Uniasia Research Institute, deliberately puts forward at the "Uniasia Technology Week", "the scientific research personnel must lay a good foundation, in addition to doing a good technical insight, we must also do a good technical reserve. Only focusing on core technology can make it possible to create a unique boutique that is popular in consumers."




        Looking back on the whole development process of Uniasia, you will find that on the journey of technological innovation, Uniasia has never stopped. The first is to attach importance to the allocation of talents. The second is to deploy more than 100 sets of instruments and equipment for all aspects of product development, evaluation and analysis according to the international standards and keeping up with technological innovations both in software and hardware. The third is to pay attention to core technology breakthroughs and the intellectual property protection of the enterprise, and it currently has more than 20 authorized invention patents.


        Many years of exploration and innovation of scientific research technology has enabled Uniasia stand out in the highly www.go4cracks.competitive cosmetics market. It also makes Uniasia gain the recognition of the government and the industry. Uniasia has won the honors of engineering research center of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong Provincial Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation, and Innovation Enterprise of the City of Guangzhou, Enterprise R&D Organization of Guangdong Province, Enterprise Technology Center of Guangzhou, and other governmental affirmed honors.


        Number 2: to meet the demand, technological innovation will be a weapon of change


        This is an era of rapid escalation of consumer demand, an era that requires constant change.


        If the brand can't make timely changes, it will inevitably fall into a awkward and dangerous situation. Timely changeovers need to be supported by technological innovation.


        When the consumer generates new demands, enterprises must ensure that they have the necessary technology to produce products that can meet the new needs of consumers. In terms of Seeyoung brand of Uniasia Group, based on the consumer's demand for mild and safe care products, the generation one of Seeyoung has introduced the “silicone-free oil” concept and ideas to the market through technological innovation; When the demand for toiletries is upgraded to be milder, safer and healthier products, Uniasia Research Institute once again uses technology innovation to introduce the second generation of “silicone-free” and “sulphate-free” products to consumers.




        “Shall R&D and production be based on interests or consumer demand?” Gong Shengzhao - dean of Uniasia Research Institute, said, “Whether it is a cleaning product or a skin care product, the production must be based on www.go4cracks.combination of consumer demand and the forward-looking technology applications. Products that are not consumer-oriented and lack the true scientific and technological content are destined to have no vitality and it is difficult to obtain consumer loyalty."


        In order to meet the technical needs of product research and development and production, and to be able to quickly break through the key technical difficulties in R&D and production process, Uniasia has always attached importance to the allocation of talents in various fields, and has now formed a first class R&D team that includes mainly doctors and a small number of master students. It has more than 50 R&D personnel majored in fine chemicals, applied chemistry, dermatology, pharmacology, botany, microbiology, and has 72 patents.


        Number 3: Quality shall be first, for which the technological innovation will be the guarantee

        This is an era of rational consumption, and this is also an era that requires www.go4cracks.companies to live up to their initial mind.


        In the past, when consumers were choosing skin care products, they were most concerned about “effect” and “how long it will be effective”. With the extension of consumer rationalization, the consumers’ focus of attention has now shifted to “irritation” and "safety", in this consumption context, Uniasia requires that all products must be strictly controlled from the three aspects of raw material selection, formula research and development, and fine production.


        Take the production of Rose Bud Lotion of Franconia brand under Uniasia Group as an example, the choice of raw materials alone takes Uniasia Institute two years in testing nearly 20 varieties of roses from a dozen or so places of origin, and Kushui rose planted in area of north latitude 36° is then selected as raw material.






        The colleague in charge of the research on the Rose Bud Lotion project said, “in the process of verifying the raw materials, tests can only are performed by each variety, when a variety is not helpful enough for the effect, another will be tested. Concentration that is most beneficial to consumers’ skin was also verified by each dimension."


        In fact, in the daily research and development of scientific personnel, it is normal that experimental results are inconsistent with the expectations, and the scientific research personnel have always insisted on seeking “perfect value” in the tedious experiments, and insisted that for each batch of products, the refined production mode of small-scale production, pilot production, and mass production is purely due to the responsibility for the products and the initial mind of responsibility for the consumers.