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Defining the Future with Global Vision ——The “Strategy Seminar of New Era” of Uniasia Group was held



        On April 2-3, 2018, the “Strategy Seminar of New Era” of Uniasia Group was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. With the theme of “defining the future with global vision”, over 80 managers attended the strategy seminar to discuss the future development direction and explore new development models in the new era from a new perspective. www.go4cracks.compared with the previous annual strategic seminar in October, Uniasia has advanced the strategic seminar to April, which is of great significance. At this meeting, Uniasia will discuss and formulate a more ambitious corporate development program and strategic goals for the next decade.




Mr. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group


        At the meeting, Mr. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, made an opening speech for the meeting. Hu said that China’s position in the world economy and its importance in the process of globalization has increased in recent years. As President Xi Jinping said, China has entered a new era. Today, China and Chinese www.go4cracks.companies have never been as close to the center of the world as they are now. The new era needs a new mission. The new era of Uniasia shall follow the pace of China in new era and move forward to the center of the world. Mr. Hu believes that the new era of Uniasia is an era of internationalization, and is an era of looking at the future trend with a global perspective and of actively participating in the international www.go4cracks.competition. In order to win in the international www.go4cracks.competition in the future, Uniasia shall have a clearer strategic layout and detailed development route. The's R&D system, production system, supply chain system, financial system and talent system must be in line with the Group's strategy and shall give richer and more substantial connotations to the new era of Uniasia.



Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group


         At the meeting, President - Ms. Wu Zhiqing, reviewed and summarized the current progress of the Group's key work in 2018, including the exploration and establishment of the “One Thousand Cities and Ten Thousand Stores Project”, the refined operation of “people, freight, and place”, and the brand building festival and Rendanheyi (unity of person and order)mode. At the same time, Ms. Wu also shared his research and insight into the current global development trend of the cosmetics industry and the development status of international cosmetics www.go4cracks.companies. Ms. Wu believes that www.go4cracks.companies need a sense of mission, and the mission determines how far a will reach. In the previous era, Uniasia participated in and led the development of China's cosmetics industry. The goal of “Uniasia New Era” is to win the www.go4cracks.competition of world cosmetics. She expressed the hope that the management and think tanks of Uniasia will be able to speak their minds and work together to outline a clearer blueprint for the development of the new era.




        The meeting invited Ms. Anri Nakahara, Shiseido China’s Director of Foreign Affair as an important guest of the conference, and shared the mission, philosophy and development status of Shiseido at the meeting. Ms. Anri Nakahara said that as an international that has been deeply involved in the Chinese cosmetics market for many years, Shiseido has deep feelings for China and is willing to grow together with Chinese local cosmetics www.go4cracks.companies to jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of the Chinese cosmetics market.







        During the two-day discussion and thought collision, more than 80 participants presented a number of proposals for brand, market, product, manufacturing, talent, finance, and operational strategies of the Group in the future. At the meeting, it was decided to establish the "Strategic Development www.go4cracks.committee of Uniasia in New Era". In June 2018, the new strategic outline of the Uniasia New Era will be finalized and released.




        The strategic seminar for the new decade is a landmark in the development of Uniasia, indicating that Uniasia will enter an important transition period. For the future development of the, Uniasia has already proposed the development goal of “integrating global resources, promoting the mass entrepreneurs, and creating a new ecological environment” since last year. In this seminar, the goal of Uniasia not only manifested more clearly, but also released an important signal to the outside world: Uniasia will accelerate its internationalization process with a more open, inclusive and shared mentality and strategic thinking and will make a more rational and clear layout for the future development of globalization. It is foreseeable that the birth of the strategic development outline of Uniasia New Era will create a platform for dialogue between Uniasia and the world, and will show the world a more open, mature and confident Chinese, and will promote the Chinese cosmetics brand to the higher end of the global value chain, as well as to help China's manufacturing and the world's beauty industry bewww.go4cracks.come more prosperous.