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Creating future with the dream of a nation: “Five Beauty” of Uniasia are www.go4cracks.coming

2018-05-24         This is a grand ceremony of cosmetics industry of China - CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo. The exhibition area is 260,000 square meters, with 17 exhibition halls and over 50 small halls. It has 13,000 standard booths, covering more than 3,500 cosmetics www.go4cracks.companies in 40 countries and regions around the world, and more than 10,000 exhibiting brands at home and abroad. The five major brands of Uniasia Group, namely, Meifubao, Franic, Seeyoung, Youya, and MOR, also made their debut.









        Following the high-profile appearance of the “Five Beauty” of Uniasia Group last year, which is full of praise, this year, Uniasia Group once again took the “Five Beauty” to participate in the CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo in the name of Group, and has won a lot of attention relied on the “differentiated” brand layout and the fascinating pavilion design, including Meifubao that is with an oriental rhyme, Franic that is full of youthful and organic style; the fashionable, bold and forthright Seeyoung, the elegant and quiet Youya, and the light and luxurious MOR, all being characterized by popularity, regardless of its STYLE.












        It is worth mentioning that in addition to creating the ultimate visual feast for the industry with strength and creativity, executives of Uniasia also appeared at the exhibition site to set off a wave of “brainstorming”.



        The year of 2018 was the 19th year of Meifubao. Since its birth, Meifubao has always been www.go4cracks.committed to inheriting the oriental skin care methods with a millennium history. In this exhibition of CBE, it even sticks out from tens of thousands of participating brands with its super beauty and the beauty of ancient rhyme. In addition to the classic Xianju Shuiyang Qintou Anxin series, Wuzhen Tanli Jinzhi(Five-elemental Elastic Firming) Moisturizing Series, Jinchai Yulu Ruiyan Moisturizing Series and other classic series, 2018 Meifubao Sunscreen Family that is all newly upgraded in Sunscreen Index and Appearance Packaging and Meifubao color cosmetics series based in Oriental Aesthetics and with a five-color concept are also appeared on the scene, winning the attention and favor of many exhibitors.











Chen Wenjun, the general manager of the Meifubao Marketing Center


        The continuous upgrading of products and the continuous expansion of the product line just show the strategic high point of Meifubao's timely and insightful understanding of consumers’ demand. As Chen Wenjun, the general manager of the Meifubao Marketing Center, told reporters at the exhibition site that in the upwww.go4cracks.coming era of new retail styles, only by constantly innovating and transforming products is it possible to win continuously in an industry. In addition, Chen also proposed to clear the brand positioning, to enhance the product quality, and to emphasize the product research and other key points, and promised to produce the most suitable, safest and the most reassuring products.



        Natural organic products are extremely demanding for R&D technology, raw materials and formulas. Even so, Franic is still the first to break through heavy resistance and to launch the concept and product line of “organic skin care” in China. As a pioneering brand of organic skin care in China, in order to explain the concept of “organic” to exhibitors more deeply, Franic has ingeniously created a unique “organic living pavilion” with fresh “organic color”.











Wu Lianlian, general manager of the Franic Marketing Center


        In addition to highlighting its popular rose bud lotion and the newly launched “non-moisture” rose bud lotion mask, the wholly new color cosmetics series that will be launched in CS and e-www.go4cracks.commerce channels in June will also appear on the Expo. Wu Lianlian, general manager of the Franic Marketing Center, said that the color cosmetics series is mainly to meet the needs of consumers for different categories. Franic has the confidence and strength to win in the blue ocean market and to provide more international and www.go4cracks.competitive high quality cosmetics with help of Uniasia Group's global strategy for consumers.



         Meng Fei, general manager of Seeyoung Marketing Center, said in an interview that “scalp care is the brand DNA of Seeyoung.” In www.go4cracks.comparison to “hair care”, Seeyoung creatively proposed the concept of“scalp care” to lead the trend and firstly introduced the "silicone oil-free scalp care" to the domestic market. At the time when imitators have followed suit to launch “silicone oil-free” products, Seeyoung has subvertedly launched the “silicone oil-free and sulfate-free” concept with its keen market sense and strong scientific research strength, achieving its upgrading perfectly.











Meng Fei, general manager of Seeyoung Marketing Center


        In order to make the “silicone oil-free and sulfate-free” concept to be understood more deeply by the consumers, Seeyoung deliberately established the "Scalp Care Festival" in its offline channels in the first half of this year, striving to create the "First Year without Sulfate"; it uses the three-star endorsement model, which are International superstar Li Bingbing + popular idol Xing Zhaolin + Almighty Goddess Zhang Li, and promotes the spreading of "scalp care" concept with the influence of stars.

        At the CBE exhibition site, the five customized and functionally and finely divided major non-sulfate new product series that were www.go4cracks.combined with the market trend also almost impossibly appeared.




        As a well-known professional high-end essential oil skin care brand in the industry, Youya has always been www.go4cracks.committed to inherit the Millennium Oriental Aromatherapy. With the concept of “Source of Elegance, Key Language of Forest”, Youya establishes its benchmarking status in the professional field of skin care based on the unique brand positioning of Oriental Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Skin Care, the powerful research and development strength of Uniasia Group, and the extensive distribution network and the promotion mode of “breakthrough by single product + marketing by experience”.











Zhu Chan, manager of Youya’s market department


        Zhu Chan, manager of Youya’s market department, said that in order to deepen the interaction with the consumers and to broaden the consumer group, Youya will adjust its business form and will open up single-brand stores of Youya and e-www.go4cracks.commerce channels based on the traditional beauty salons. As for single-brand stores, more than 20 stores are ongoing all over china currently and six have already opened. "It is expected to open 100 stores this year and a total of 2,000 by 2020." It is foreseeable that the whirlwind of the single-brand stores of Youya has an unlimited potential.




        MOR, a “black Horse” in CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo, is deeply paid attention to and loved by exhibitors for its pure Australian heritage, rich exotic style, petty packaging and international brand image. As a luxury brand that is used by Uniasia to link the world, the product line of MOR focuses on body care such as hand cream, body wash, body lotion, as well as perfumes, candles, and other field; the sales area covers 18 countries and regions, with Australia and New Zealand as the main sales area, covering the United Kingdom and the European Union, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.











Xu Xiaofang, deputy general manager of the MOR Marketing Center


        According to the research on the domestic word-of-mouth rewww.go4cracks.commending platform, MOR has already begun to show its www.go4cracks.competitiveness in Chinese market. Although it has not been officially introduced into China, the beauty sharing platform such as Xiaohongshu has already been “rewww.go4cracks.commending”. In line with the domestic market demand and the group brand development strategy, Xu Xiaofang, deputy general manager of the MOR Marketing Center, said that it will be introduced to the domestic market before the end of this year, and online flagship stores will open up; it will enter high-end department stores, and enter the first-tier cities to open high-end single-brand stores.


        As cosmetic that closely follows the pulse of China's daily chemical industry and pragmatically builds a national brand, Uniasia has always been "providing quality products for consumers" in its development. The CBE has won praises from the industry. The reason lies not only in the exquisite pavilion design and good products presented by Uniasia, but also the unique charm transformed by the corporate pattern and concept deposition.